Who We Are

Education is always changing—from traditional pencil and paper to the digitally focused learning of today. As the rate of change has never been faster, HLF focuses on tomorrow by innovating the future of education.

We nurture philanthropy to provide financial support to initiatives that advance innovation and equity in education.

To foster and support the advancement of education.

Our History

From humble beginnings, Headwater Learning Foundation emerged in 2015 to serve unique learning communities in the K–12 education sector. To drive equity in education, we support and partner with educational organizations, universities, and other foundations to transform education—now and in the future.

Traditional education struggles to meet the unique needs of today’s learners. We work with innovative learning organizations to support and advance the work and research that helps bring the future of education into today’s classrooms.

Headwater Learning Foundation is a beacon of possibilities for what education can be.